Saturday, 5 February 2011


Ahh, I am so screwed right now. I have like 3 tests on monday and i haven't even started. Oh God Kill me now. (No don't kill me, i am awesome). One is sociology, one is economics and one is business studies (For those of you who think business studies is easy, No! Your mom might be easy, business studies is not)
It is a lot to study but i am in no mood! I just want to lie down and keep on lying! I know i am really lazy. laziness is a bitch okay, i mean its like you are like active all the time and then one day you decide to just lie down and rest and then you just keep on lying and resting! I mean what kind of life is that, a really easy, nice, slow one or a sad, boring, depressing one.
Definitely, a sad, boring and depressed one. But its a disease okay. It just sticks to you.
Anyway, I should really study. I really want to study, but =(
yes, if you are wondering that is the face i am making right now.
Studies are so stupid, i mean they are like never ending and they take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I am not usually this whiny, BTW!
I don't know why i am whining anyway! I am awesome! You are stupid!
Yes, i am! Okay, bye!

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    You are awesome! And don't worry about the tests. They won't be that hard.