Monday, 7 February 2011

Another day.

So today is monday, I gave all three of my tests today and they all went horrible. I mean, they were so shitty, i can't even explain and by the time i got home, i was so tired. I just fell on my bed and slept right away. No actually, i had lunch and i saw "the good wife" and then i fell on my bed and slept right away.
"The good wife", btw, is a good show. Google it.
Anyway, well today is like another ordinary day in my life. I made a bet with 4 of my friends about who'll loose the most weight in 15 days, all those idiots are running to the gym while i've made the most amazing plan in my head. Its risky because it involves a little starvation but i know it'll work.
So anyway, i have this thing in my head that has been constantly nagging me. I mean, i really want to write about it and its a very emotional and touchy subject, i mean its really personal. Its been on my head for a very long time, and i have been shit depressed because of it, i cried like a baby as well. Its bad, i just don't know how to write it. I mean it requires me to sit down alone, right a draft first, and it requires alot of thinking. That will be next blog post but it'll most probably take time. So my loyal 4 followers, don't leave me yet. I'll blog really soon, if i can most probably by late tonight.
Okay, i am going now. Bye.


  1. no one's going to leave you, don't worry! =D
    blogging is a good way to let out your feelings. if the people you don't know in real life have no idea about your blog, then it's safe to post personal stuff here. nobody knows that i have a blog and so it's easy for me to talk about my problems and stuff without anyone else finding out.
    btw you followed me from your google and twitter account :O so you're following me twice. you can unfollow me from your twitter account if you like.

  2. Furree, just appreciate the double follow. :P

    MARYAM MA PRETTY FRIEND Y U NO TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS?! It's okay to be sentimental on your blog.

    Just don't do it in school. I'll make fun of you. I'm kidding. Iloveyou.

  3. Aww, you guys are sweettt! I still haven't written it though, will be out soon =)