Thursday, 10 February 2011

'Dude, he just called you Sheila', "OH HELL NO, Hold my jawani".

Yes, The day has come. I am going to write about Sheila and her oh so amazing "Jawani", for those of you who don't know what jawani is, its Urdu for youth(at least thats what i make of it). Okay, so first of all, let me make this clear, i do not like that song. It doesn't make sense. The lyrics are "whats my name" "whats my name", "My name is Sheila, Sheila ki jawani(Sheila's youth), I am too sexy for you, mein terey haath na aani"(You are never going to get me). I mean tell me, if that makes sense to someone. It doesn't right!
Second of all, i do not approve of women using their bodies or their moves as a sex symbol or a display of their sexiness. I mean, think about it, Katrina Kaif, the woman in the video, for those of you who haven't seen it, just youtube "Sheila Ki jawani". Anyway, so as i was saying Katrina kaif, is actually a really pretty woman. I mean she is sexy and attractive. For me, i always used to think of her as being elegant and graceful. But seriously, just look at the video, is there any elegance there? Is there any grace?. It seems to be choreographed by a seriously sexually aggravated person. Just look at the dance moves, is this what you want your children to be watching as they grow up? Nobody does, and yet this song is like sung almost everywhere by almost everyone and at the most absurd times. 
I am not saying, i am like all crazy and that this is wrong and stuff. Its fine, do whatever you want. The problem is that this is mainstream now. Usually, these type of numbers were done by women like Rakhi sawaant and that was fine because it wasn't mainstream, it wasn't being displayed all the time on song channels neither was Rakhi someone that people would look up to. I know i am being mean in saying this, but it is true. She was practically a joke for so many people, i was indifferent to her but still. However, Katrina is someone we see all the time, she is in many advertisements, and quite frankly a majority of our population is highly impressed by her and this is something that people are quite aware of. So is it safe to say, that this whole song, or item number was maybe a way to get women to exploit their sexuality, i mean obviously Katrine does look really sexy in the entire video, so girls who watch this, wouldn't they want to be like her? Wouldn't they want to recreate the same moves as performed by her in the video? They would and is that good?
Anyway, i am not one to judge, everyone is entitled to do whatever they please. However, this is just a message from to me to all those impressed by Sheila ki jawani. You all are beautiful. If you want to be noticed, Be graceful and Be elegant. Don't be Sheila. Be yourself. =)

Okay bye.


  1. all my students know Sheila Ki Jawani by heart.
    one of my students even knows all the dance moves. she's just 5.
    i don't like the song much. O.O but it's soooo catchy.

  2. Even though I have no clue what constitutes "Sheila ki Jiwani", some kind of a Star Plus soap opera or somethin', wouldnt know, but thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And Katrina Kaif who!

    And hey, you can call me Lev :)

  3. She is an actress. Sheila ki jawani is a song. Youtube it. You'll know what i am talking about.
    And hey Lev. =)

  4. well take on Sheila... rather its on the happenings( or mis-happenings) in the society... these things really irritates sometimes...

    "Don't be Sheila. Be yourself...." its really sad that these characters are becoming role models for our Gennext....

    Best Wishes,

  5. DAMMN. I hate this songs. Its everywhere. Literally.

  6. I Agree. Chikni Chambelli is even worse. Only Kareena Kapoor was able to handle her elegance in the item song Chammak Challo. Other item songs are just trash.