Monday, 21 February 2011

Eeeeeeeeeee =)

So my awesome friend, the one i love like crazzyyy gave me this award!

 Fatima Nadeem, you are by far the best person i have ever met and i love you so so much! Guys, this is the link to her blog, Just follow her, she is awesome!

Oh and apparently i have to share something about myself. So, Umm, First of all, I am awesomeeee!Haha, i am sorry, i just say that all the time(I am not self obsessed). I love babies. I want to be a mother right now. (that reminds me, i  have to post about that emotional post that i was supposed to write a long time back and i didn't, i'll do it tomorrow). and ummm, what else can i tell you, Oh yeah, i care, I care alot. I care about everything and everyone. I pray for random people and i especially pray for random babies, you know, like if i am on my way to somewhere and i see a baby in a car, i just pray for them and their well being.
Anyway, thats all i can say right now!

I dedicate this award to Furree Kat. I think your blog is amazing and i think you are really pretty.
And to Aseela Haque, because i love her! And she is one of the most amazing friends i have =)
I love you Guys!
And Fatima Nadeem, You be the best Human ever. =)
I love you.
Okay, Bye.


    thank you sooo much. =D
    i love you :D

  2. congrats on your award! awww you are soo cute you pray for random babies... that makes you a baby too. cuz babies are innocent and cute. =)

  3. @Furree, I love you tooo =)

    @Spiral universe, Awww thanks =)