Saturday, 5 February 2011

Good morninggggggg..

Okay, so Good morning everyone! If anyone is wondering, i did not study last night after my last post, i just wasted my time but today is another day (It is the only day). I intend to draw blood and study until there is nothing left to study (Pffft, dream on).
I don't really know what else to say, i mean i just woke up( and the first thing i do is write a blog, "geee what a life i have). Hahaha, actually its one of the better things to do where i live, I mean i live in karachi but far far away from the main city. The place where i live is called Malir. Its like a really pretty place, you know trees and flowers and birds and butterflies (No hot guys though), Only weird army people. Yes, this is the army base. I am the child of a woman in the army. I know some might go like "YOUR MOM IS IN THE ARMY", before you freak out, she is a doctor and she doesn't go fighting or near war zones or anything so keep your pants on.
Anyway, so i live really far away and there is seriously nothing to do around here, once you soak up the beauty of this place, thats it, thats all you're gonna get. I mean, its sad that i have to live so far away but its okay, i adapt to places very quickly so i don't care.
Okay, i really should go now, i'll have my breakfast and then i'll study. Okay byeeee.


  1. Gaaaaaaaaaahh. You're so happy and lively and upbeat!

  2. Nope, nonee! sad right?
    I feel deprived! =(

  3. haha YES that is really sad.
    thanks for following my blog! :D ♥
    p.s you're sooo pretty.

  4. Thanks, You are really prettyy Too =)

  5. Somebody say that I'm pretty. I wanna be part of the pretty club.