Sunday, 6 February 2011

Headache =/

So my awesome plan to study like all day long didn't work out so well. i studied for one test, the other two are still left like i am in the process of preparing for the second one.. its really tough! And i have a headache. I had no intention to write this but i felt like i was betraying myself and my Loyal 4 followers by not writing! So i wasted alot of time today, and thats not good. Every Thursday (Thats the day when my weekend starts because i have classes only 4 days a week), so every Thursday, i tell myself i am going to study all weekend long and then i don't study and then every Sunday i tell myself, i am never doing this again, next weekend i will definitely study and the whole process repeats itself. I feel like i am stuck in a rut. And i know you guys must think, what a bloody nerd but studies are really important for me people, If u want to be someone, you have to study and work hard, otherwise you will end up like this

Sorry to the man in the picture though.(or maybe to the person taking this picture or maybe to alll of you who'll look at this.)
Anyway, so here i am writing absolute crap. I have Aloe Vera gel on my face. I just started using it because it makes the skin better. My friends might disagree with me, but i personally feel that i have bad skin and i am the kind of person who can't stand imperfections, so yeah. The gel is actually really good, i recommend it to everyone even those with perfect skin.
Well i am going to head out now, i want to sleep a little before i start studying again.
OMG, shit, something so bad just happened right now, it is a friends birthday and i completely forgot, like she just messaged me saying, WTH? Aww man, i am such a stupid head =(
I feel like crying now =(
Ah, i am going to go now and sulk.
Okay byee =(

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