Saturday, 5 February 2011


Hellooo people.

This is hard. Didn't think it would be, but it is. I mean, its my first post, i don't know what to write. Lets start from the beginning then. A few months back, i decided that i'll start writing a blog (initial idea was to write a diary  but a blog seemed better). Anyway, so i kept on delaying this and here i am. Writing my first blog post. For those of you who are bored, Its the first time i am writing so be patient.
Anyywayyy, so Ummm yeahhh. Its like talking to blank space, its better than talking to myself though which i do alot. No, i am not crazy (i checked by taking a few internet tests). I just sometimes like to you know think out loud, converse with myself and get things out in the open. I am a very complicated person. But who isn't.
So well, this is it. My first blog post. I am pretty sure no one will read this. Maybe with time i'll get some followers but not right away. Just so you guys know, i am open to comments and criticism. I'll bitch about you if you criticize me but don't worry, i'll come to love you all with time. So will you people. I am a very lovable person (FYI).
My friend Aseela writes a blog too. She is better at it then i am (Yes Aseela, you are). If you don't like my blog, you'll definately like hers. Its called "Spoken and heard". Google it, i am too lazy to put up links.
So yeah, well i am off now. I'll blog again in some time.