Friday, 25 February 2011


I want you to take a moment and imagine. Imagine a life, where you had the perfect life, the perfect grades, you got your degree, you were engaged to the perfect person and then one day, its all taken away. You are left with nothing and no one. You are locked in a place where you don't know anyone, you are surrounded by people just like you, but yet there is no one for you. No one to listen to you, no one to believe you, to understand what happened to you, what you've been through. How did you get here, no one to give you a second chance. You are locked away in a big establishment, but the doors to the outside world and shut at 5 pm everyday. You get to see the first hint of sunlight every morning at 6 am, but never the sun set. You get to eat, but never what you want to eat. You get to sleep, but only at the time you are assigned to sleep. You don't get to see your loved ones properly, only twice or thrice a week and that too through wall, covered with bars. How would you feel? 

Wouldn't it feel like death? You are slowly dying inside, but you have to stay alive in hopes of that one chance of release, sweet sweet release. For the first few years, you'll be hopeful, but then help never comes. You are stuck, you can't get out. You can't breathe, its just oxygen going in and carbon dioxide going out. Its never really breathing. Its just an excuse. All your dreams are out there, for other people to accomplish them. Your children are out there, being taken care of by some other Mother or Father. They are your children, its not fair, you don't get to see them, but you know they are alive, and thats the only salvation you have. 

Imagine a life like that. Tell me how you'd feel. I personally, would want to kill myself, but i wouldn't. I have to stay alive waiting for that day to come where i can finally see the sunset. This scenario it reminds me of a scene from this movie "Never let me go", where Andrew Garfield tells Carrie Mulligan to stop the car, and he goes out and he screams so loud, because he has no choice, he knows they both are doomed. They both will die, they will never love again and he wants out, he wants to love her, he wants his moment but he can't get it. I would want to scream like that, because i know what i want, but i will never have an out. I, too, will be stuck. Slowly dying from the inside, yet alive on the outside.

Its a life, no one wants to live, it sounds like suicide. Yet so many are living this life. They are all alive and well, but stuck. They can't breathe either. They are all dead from the inside or slowly dying of either real guilt, or from the pain of being wrongfully imprisoned.

This was dedicated to all those poor souls who are not guilty of anything but are yet sentenced to life imprisonment. I, personally, am praying for you all.


  1. Damn. That's pretty scary right there. And as Ayesha Haq said, "DEEP!"

    I like your blog. And, more importantly, I like your style of writing.

  2. Wow Maryam. I love how you painted a picture that was vivid and very moving. And the ability to accomplish that is quite rare! :)

  3. @Ayesha, Thanks =) It took alot of effort and 3 sleepless nights to write this..

    @Eshie, Its scary in written form but its just mind numbing when you really see it, i went to the prison a few days back and it was horrible. and Thanks =) i like your blog tooo.

    @Fatima, I love yoooouuuu! and thanksss =)

  4. I nearly died reading this. You really made me feel what it's like to me imprisoned.

  5. Oh boy, apparently u have a 'shawshank' of your own, like we do.

    And I love reading Ishiguro's books, Never Let Me Go is his best work after Remains of the Day.

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