Saturday, 12 February 2011

Its hard to come up with titles at 1 am.

Guys, i am sorry for not writing anything yesterday, i was not at home. My oh so amazing friends came over and they took me out and then we had a sleepover. It was awesome. One of my friends, she can drive and she drove  us around and we just sang songs and i was constantly screaming at the slow people who wouldn't give us way. I mean, its a friggin road, Move the fuck away!! It was really annoying but it was one of the most amazing days of my life, I truly love you guys. I know some of you might be wondering, why all so lovie doviee over a sleepover? I'll tell you why, i saw this movie "Conviction" earlier in the day, It was amazing. Google it, no Watch it. You all will love it. Its about the relationship between a brother and a sister. Watching it made me realize how much i love my brother. I know he'll never read this, but i want this to be out there.
This is for him and for all the brothers out there.
"I love you, i love you more than you'll ever know. I know i am mean to you, i tell you to go away and leave me alone. I know i scream at you and sometimes i want to kill you because you annoy me to the core, but it doesn't mean i love you any less. Whenever i am sad or whenever i need a hug, i come to hug you(yes, i actually do that, i hug my brother when i need a hug) and you know why i do that. I do that because you don't ask me any questions, you just stand there and hug me back. You let me play Black ops with you and even though i suck at  it, you cheer me on. In simpler words, you make me feel good about myself. So if i die, and you are not aware of all this, Its all here. I love you so very much and i'll never let anything happen to you."

I know, this is very dramatic, but i just had to write this. Brothers are important. They are one of the most amazing companions you'll ever have. Love them to the core. Forgive them for their mistakes and let them know how amazing they are, every now and then because just like we all need uplifting sometimes, they do to.

This is dedicated to all the brothers out there. We (the sisters), we all love you.
Okay. Bye.


  1. I love you tooo!

    And I need to watch that movie now. I don't have a brother, but still.

  2. All right, though I happen to be a real movie nerd (strictly Hollywood though!) this is one flick I havent seen. Will give it a go, thanks for the recom!

  3. No problem. Its a true story, btw.

  4. I love you!
    and I want to watch that movie with you!

  5. Hahah, tomorrow might be difficult for that. How about friday? :)