Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have lost my voice. I mean i can talk but talking hurts. Not being able to talk hurts me even more. I mean, i talk a lot. If given the opportunity, i would just never shut up and its not annoying talk, its good talk(thats what i think =P). So yes, and i have this fever too and its so annoying because i feel hot all the time, yet i feel cold. Its like horrible. I am sorry, i don't have any good stuff for you guys today, i am just not thinking right these days. I wanted to do a valentines day piece but there is like a glitch in my brain and its just making thinking  really hard. You know, i actually made a promise to myself, that i'll write at least one post everyday(Yes, i am weird that way), but i am not living up to my own expectations, what does that say about me? It says, i am stupid. Well, that i am, and a little crazy. I say absurd and weird things a lot, and do really weird stuff, this other day my friend was driving us around and there were these people walking in front of us, in the middle of the fucking road and they just wont move, and i am sitting in the front seat and i start screaming, without rolling down the windows, I was screaming stuff like "MOVE BITCHES", In my head i was like, "Fuck this shit, i'ma blow their heads off". Yes, i can be very wild and evil. And guess what, they still wont move. It was so annoying. Oh, i really want to tell you guys the details of what happened later, but not now. This post is only for my whining because i deserve to whine okay, i am sick. I mean, i can't fucking talk. Maybe, the heavens are trying to get back at me for something.(I am sorrry for whatever i did =(, just give me my voice back). And its not funny people, my sister is having a kick out of this, since she can't hear me blab all day but i am blabbing all right, i am blabbing in my head and its good Blab, okay. ITS AWESOME BLAB. People just can't deal with my awesomeness okay, thats why they tell me to shut up. Thats the only reason, i am tellin ya. 
Anyway, i am pretty sure, you all want to click that "UN-FOLLOW" button right about now, (is there one)?I am driving you crazy right? I am just weird that way. I am not going to apologize but i'll say this, stick with me okay, just wait till i get my voice back(Pray for me), i'll be writing awesome stuff in no time and you all will love me again.

Okay. Bye.


  1. "Fuck this shit, i'ma blow their heads off"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. You did sound completely insane at that time. :P

    Anyway, I hope you get your voice back. And I bet your sister is enjoying this a lot. :P She's so cool.

  2. you don't have to write one post per day. you should blog when you feel like. that's what most bloggers do, including me. :D

  3. Speaking of laryngitis, I often suffer from "literary laryngitis", that is a temporary writers block. And its just as frustrating.

  4. oh no, whining helps, a lot. So go on =P

    Get well soon =)

  5. your blog title happens to be the *semi-title* of my blog. what a coincidence! [well. not really. i guess =D]

    get well soon. =)

  6. @Aseela, but we did have fun that day. and yeah she is. Come over, i miss you =(

    @Furree Kat,I know but i just feel weird not posting anything, i am just weird that way =P

    @AGL, Well then u must know how i feel right now, and i suffer from literary laryngitis almost everyday, it is really frustrating.

    @Sidrah, thanks =)

    @Spiral universe, Hahaha and thanks =)