Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Beanie.

Hii guyssss! Sorry i haven't been posting in a while, i have been busyyyy! Well, you all will be happy to hear that i am feeling much better today. My fever is gone, my voice is back but bad news, i have to go to school tomorrow and there is homework that i have been putting off for like a month. I keep on telling myself i'll do it but i never do it =(
I am really lazy. I promised myself i'll do it today but....=(.

Okay well this post isn't about my lazy ass self, its about my beanie. Yes, I am going to talk about my beanie, its multicolored, its toasty and fuzzy and it keeps my head warm. Basically, it makes me feel awesome! Wearing it, i feel like a child again, its just the best feeling in the world. I usually wear it when i have oil in my hair or when i am feeling cold. My friends make fun of me, like only two of them saw me wearing it once and they thought it was really funny. Just Look at it

It doesn't look that bad? i don't think it does, what do u guys think?
Oh and it has a fur ball on top of it as well, wait i'll show you that too
Its not that bad, right?
Anyway, i love it, its awesome!
Tell me what you guys think.
Oh and yesterday was amazing, i'll tell you guys about it in my next post.


    And, the reason why we made fun of it was because the beanie looked odd with your clothes that day :D Haha.

  2. your beanie is super cute.
    and so is your second pic. you are looking (posing?) like a duckling. hehehe

  3. @Aseela, I love you!

    @fatima, I knoww, it was looking weird with those clothes but after that day, i just felt like wearing the beanie all the timeeeee!

    @Spiral, thanks and yeah i was posing, i actually wanted to get the furry part and that was the only way i could think of getting it in the picture! =D

  4. your beanie is super cute, and so are you! i think beanies are totally awesome. people who make fun of them are not.
    i love the owl too! it's adorable. at first i thought it was pooping hearts but then i saw the hearts falling at the side of the owl from the branch. =P

  5. Hahaha, its not shitting hearts! they are just falling from the branch!!
    And thanks! i completely agree with you, beanies are awesomeeeee!