Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Silver Lining =)

So, when i woke up in the morning, i felt like shit once again. I am sorry for all the negativity guys, i am a little out of my zone these days, if you know  what i mean. Usually, people all around me would hear me say "No room for negativity in my circle of positivity", like a few days back a friend of mine was telling me about how he got invited to candidate weekend for NYU-AD(thats the university he wants to get into) and i told him cool shit man, i am so sure you're gonna get in now and he goes like but only half the people who get invited to it get in and then i said my "No room for negativity in my circle of positivity" line, and i told him to look at it the other way, you know half the people who get invited get in, you are in that half. Oh BTW, pray for him, its like his life long dream to get in NYU-AD. You guys see what i mean, i am a really positive person. I hate being negative, but life makes u negative okay. I mean i am sure we've all had our share of events which have turned us to the darker side.  "We should always see the light", "Search for the silver lining", "Everything happens for a reason", these are all lines that people feed us to make us feel better about a situation and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But the thing is guys, they always work on me, i do believe everything happens for a reason, i know i whine alot but thats just who i am, however inside, i am just telling myself constantly "Its okay man, chill". I have been constantly whining about how sick i am and how i have vocal paralysis and how Edward left me and now there is a big hole in my heart (Oh hey wait, that was Bella)-Sorry, i just saw new moon recently, and just for the record, i hate the movie but Kristin Stewart, she does look pretty in it.
Anyway, so i know i have been whining a lot but its not like this sickness is completely bad, i mean i don't have to go to school, i get extra attention, my brother can't be mean to me, i don't have to do my homework, i get to eat fattening stuff and no one can say shit to me(yeah, take that Ajla, i can have fries and you can't! SUCKEEerrrr!)-Sorry, its an inside joke!Aseela, please make sure Ajla reads this and tell her I am awesomeee!
Yeah, so even though i am sick, i am getting benefits too. Awesome shit yo. be happy for me people!

Anyway, so there was really no point to writing this, i mean no hidden messages, no revelations, nothing! Just pure rambling! However, i will say this, things can be really shitty sometimes but trust me, there is always a silver lining!

The picture for some reason seemed really Silver Line-ish to mee, Lmao. =P
Okay. Byeee.

P.S. Aseela, you know how your name is not in the dictionary and every time i type it, the red line appears underneath it, well it annoys the life out of me, so i decided to add your name to the dictionary and so when i right clicked on it, the first word that appeared was "Asexual" and i laughed like crazy.(This was so random)

Okay. Byeee.


  1. Negativity's a b**ch!, or was it Positivity???

    Really hard to tell the difference at times. :)

  2. Oh but there is a difference and its quite simple.
    Negativity is dark, ugly, bad stuff and positivity is bright, pretty, good stuff. Its all about perspective.

  3. haha, I love the Cat and mouse pic!

    Its tough to be positive when you feel sick, I guess its a fake it till you make it philosophy.

    Feel better!

  4. Well, Belphegor aint negativity, though he is dark, ugly and bad stuff. Though Dude doesnt have a negative bone in his body,

    When it comes to dudes like him, believe me, I would know... ;)

  5. @AGL, if he is dark, ugly and bad stuff then trust me, he is in the "negative category". Negativity is more like negative thinking as in a negative state of mind, in my opinion. I think you are reading this the wrong way.

    @Alpha Za, sometimes if u fake something for too long, its starts becoming reality. But anyway, i don't have to fake it, even though i hate it, i am fine with it at the same time, its weird, i know. But thats just me. And thanks, i am feeling better today. =)

    Dude, there's an owl like, write next to this box. It's staring at me with it's huge eyes. And i'm getting creeped out by it. IT'S SHITTING HEARTS. HAHA. I love it! I want something like this :D How'd you get it?

  7. I found it on this websitee! I think its really cuteee! =)
    follow the instructions =)