Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Whatsssupp Maa Bitcheezzzzz!

Thats what i say to people when i am greeting them. I have no idea why, it just comes out me likes babies come out of the bottoms.Its like my line now. "Whatsup Ma Bitchezz", and i say it to like almost everyone, even if there is just one person sitting there, i'd say it. So weird right. You know what else i say alot, "Son of a bitch". That just comes out of me instinctively and its not good(Kids, don't swear, its bad for you.). I started saying it after watching Lost continuously for like a two months straight. This dude, Sawyer(He is so fucking hot, Google Josh Holloway right now) he used to say it like all the time and like at every single thing, he'd be like "Son of a bitch" and i am like what happened to "Fuck this shit" and "Oh hell no, Mother fucker". Its like the writers were trying to like make an impression but what kind of Impression does "son of a bitch" make. One where people think you aren't that creative and you have some serious Mommy issues. What idiots man.
On a completely different note, i love Lost.

 Its one of my favorite programs. I saw all 6 seasons back to back and it was amazing. I can't really explain the point of the show, but what i can tell you is that it makes you think, every episode has a different lesson to teach and not weird dramatic lessons, lessons about life and different issues that people face. In my opinion, each person in that show is like a virtual display of different parts of every individuals personality. I know, its a very broad statement but thats my opinion and i can go into details but i have some serious homework ahead of me. Anyway, i highly recommend you guys watch it. I know its an old show and it has ended now and whatever crap you may hear about how stupid the ending was, if i must say so myself, it was stupid. Its still worth watching. Those who stopped watching it after the first season,"What the fuck is wrong with you, get the second season and watch it, finish the damn bitch". Those who were sad at all the deaths that happen later on,"Grow the fuck up, i was sad too but i didn't stop watching it".
I know i am being mean but i literally know who stopped watching it cause it was so sad after this guy who almost everyone loved, dies at the end of the 3rd season and what the fuck kind of shit is that? Grow some fucking balls, better yet buy some from the market and attach them to your body and save yourself some dignity. Watch the damn show.
At this point, some of you might be like, is she high? is she like crazy or something?
Well no, i am not high and i am not crazy. I am just super emotional right now and when it comes to lost, my emotions are just racing out of control. I have no idea why, I must have some serious issues. =/
No, i don't! Shut up! I am awesome! You have issues! Go die!

Okay. Bye.


  1. Like babies come out of bottoms? :P WTF



  4. this post literally cracked me up!!
    * Grow some fucking balls, better yet buy some from the market and attach them to your body and save yourself some dignity.*
    u rock dudette! =D

  5. @spiral, Thannks =)

    @ Fatima and Aseela, I wasn't highhh! Just emotional about lost okayy!