Thursday, 3 March 2011

127 hours.

What a Movie!
I mean, wow. I Just saw it, and I mean James Franco. He is amazing. The movie is Amazing. Download it now and watch it. I don't want to give details or anything. Just take my word on this and watch it. You wont regret it, you'll thank me for it.
James Franco's acting was really good, he really portrayed the character really well. I could feel myself there, like i could literally feel all that he must have been going through, it was really good.
Hats off, James.

Btw, he is Sooo Gooodd lookinggg! Like so Hottt!!!
Okay. Bye.


  1. i wanna see i wanna see i wanna see i wanna SEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  2. Just look at him! Perfection man! I would totally date him!

  3. Good movie. Very good movie.

    ...him? I've seen better... I have a list of celebrity husbands on my blog actually XD

    Your blog is pretty kickass. :)

  4. Thanks =)
    And i know there are others but i have a huge crush on him right now!
    He is so prettyy <3

  5. Saw it last week, and I totally agree with you. James Franco rocked as an actor, and movie is just great to watch.

    (And btw, thanks for your message on my Belphegor post, got busy with few things here and there, but am back now) :)