Saturday, 12 March 2011

I hate the Title Box! I don't want to keep a friggin title!

SO hi Guys! How are you all today? I am kind of happy today. Actually i am not sure if i am feeling happy, I kind of had a very shitty day yesterday and i  woke up feeling sort of indifferent to everything. Its weird, but then again, i am weird. I am not weird in that "sit in the corner and look at people with a drunken look on my face" sense, I just have weird opinions and beliefs and ideas. I find weird things funny. I try to make people laugh alot, most of the time they end up laughing at me, rather than at what i say. And i smile all the fucking time. I don't really  know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but i smile alot. I guess it is a good thing to smile, you know. Happiness is always a good thing. Now one might say, you smile alot, doesn't mean that you're happy all the time and i completely agree with that. I am not happy all the time. I am, usually, in a dilemma or i have a million things in my head to worry about.
For example, right now i am thinking about my upcoming exams, also the homework i have to submit on Monday, on the back of my head is the fact that i haven't posted on my blog in a while(what if people start leaving me), another thing on my mind is my past and people related to my past, and i am also thinking about one particular person(wont tell you who, what if that person reads this, Huhh? I'll be screwed).

Can you see how messed up i am, or at least i feel i am messed up. I feel its unfair that i alone, have so much on my head and then i think about all the other people in this world, who may have worse issues then i have(mine aren't  even real issues, just self created ones). Issues like a mortgage payment, no food, no water, earthquakes, economic recession, no home to live in, financial issues, death, Edward left me etc. I mean, those are real issues (except the last one of course, thats only for Bella). On a normal day, we all wake up and we have a million things on our heads, and we think they are the most important issues in this world for e-g, if i don't pass my test today, I'll kill myself, or what if  he breaks up with me? or if my parents will kill me if they find out i am secretly going out with this guy next door.

Its selfish, right? So much poverty in this world, Global warming, recession, death, and yet right now, all i can think about is my Business studies homework. So what is the answer? how can we be good human beings? You know perfect human beings. There is no answer. If we all could just be thankful, do our work on time, be mature from the day we were born, not waste time, be super intellectual, and at the same time, seriously good looking with the most amazing personality in this world. If we all could just have that, and be that awesome. Wouldn't life just be amazing?

But then again, it wont be life. It would just be a dream.


  1. I love the last line of your blog! It's very effective.

    And keep the title "To be or not to be" :)

  2. True. All of it. Very true. I feel even more self absorbed now. :P

  3. it's only natural that you think about yourself sometimes. don't feel bad about it :D

  4. "With ppl, we go a long way with a smile, ... but we go a lot farther with a smile and a gun."
    (Quote by Al Capone)