Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Yes, you heard me. I mean, how can you not love her? She is like my frigging childhood man. I mean i used to listen to other stuff to, but i mean i used to love Britney Spears! She was so cool.
I used to sing I'ma slave for you even though i had no clue what it meant. I LOVED "Over protective". Her music was like so catchy, even though it was shit slutty but i still loved all of it.
I mean "OOoppps, i did it again". Come Fucking on, you have to love herrr! I think the media ruined her, She was good, and then the media puller their crap and completely destroyed her because the media has nothing else to do. They like to mess with our minds! They like to fuck US UP! FUCK LIVES UP!
I love Britney, if you don't, you seriously are like deprived!
                                           JUST LOOK AT HER! SO FUCKING HOT!
My favorite song is "Touch of my hand". I used to listen to it while reading books and i was like so in love with it. It is actually a really nice song. 

Favorite outfit, Um mm, I think she looked really hot in the "me against the music" video but my favorite is definately the Gimme more one.
I know its shit slutty, but thats the best part about it. She doesn't give a shit! Thats what i admire about her! She don't care about your crap! She pulls off stuff like this! I love her for this!

I want to say so much more, but that would be like, stretching the point. I think i made my point, I love her. SHE  is awesome!
Okay, bye.

And one more thing,
Its Britney Bitch! =D


  1. I am certainly one of those deprived souls. Afraid am not much into modern music. Rather old fashioned, as it were :(

  2. @AGL, its okay! I love old music too!
    But you should really give britney a listen, i have a feeling she is not really your type, but for your childhood's sake. Please do =)

    @Aseela, I KNOW! I LOVE HER! <3

  3. "not really your type". Yea, thats kinda true, in every which way I suppose ;)

    But would definitely give it a try, for childhood's sake if anything. Mind you I am only 26, so it hasnt been that long since I first suffered from the predicament of adulthood.

  4. OMG! You're 26! i thought you'd be like 22 or something! Are you married or something?
    Oh hey Btw, you know the woman that you keep mentioning in all your posts, the one who keeps stoning herself and is apparently really hot. Is she real? or just someone you made up?
    I am sorry, i am really curious.

  5. Yes I am, and at 26, 22 sounds like a compliment. So thank you.

    Lol, no, I am not married. :)

    Oh, u mean that weed muchin', taut skin, wanna be hot chic. Oh yes, she is quite real.

    However, I do take a bit of poetic liberty in the verbal discourse that takes in the posts.

  6. Umm, i hope you don't mind me asking, but is she like your best friend or your girl friend or something? because you mention her alot and like in almost everything. so it just made me a little curious. I am sorry, if i am stepping on a line or something. i am just really curious.

  7. No need to apologize.

    Lol, no she is neither, just a friend. We have never been on those terms, to be really honest.

    Yes, I do mention her a lot simply becoz she is a perfect sport for the kind of posts I write. Its a blend of fact and a bit of poetic liberty. :)

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  9. Britneyyy :D
    Pure awesomeness!