Saturday, 19 March 2011

Start smiling for a change, Bitch!

Okay Okay, i know. I haven't posted in a while. I am sorry. I have been busy with studies and friends and family. Sooo, yesterday, me and my friends had yet another sleepover (nothing too exciting,  it was just awesome). We did alot of crazy stuff. Umm no, not really, Just a nice time. me and girls had a little heart to heart where we explored our deepest and darkest memories. It was heart breaking. It was a good night, all in all.
But thats not what i am here to talk to you guys about. Today, i have a more important topic in my mind.
Guess it.

Okay, that was lame. How can u guess it and even if u do guess it, how'll i ever  know? Dumb, Dumb shit! Okay, so i am going to talk to you guys about "Haters". 

Not the ones in our school and generally in our lives, I am talking about  the internet haters A.k.a the ball less bitches. Yeah, they be pathetic. 

The thing is, if it was any other person, someone that i know, i would be like, okay, that person Hates me. Cool. But then, all of a sudden, a new breed of haters emerge and they raid our blogs like bloody cougars(Old women looking for some action). I guess this is what they do when they are sexually frustrated and secretly hate themselves from the inside. 

Now some people might say, whats the big deal? We all have them. You know, what i say to that.  Shut up, i know you all secretly want to die in a big black hole when you read a hate comment. Okay, that maybe a little exaggerated. But still, it sucks okay. No one wants to be hated. I know, i Don't. Anyway, this is not about us, the victims of  the  haters, this is about them. 

I mean, who the fuck are you? The blogs that we write, they are our FUCKING blogs. Its our space. Its about what we think. Its about out ideas, about how we see the world, the stuff that we like, the stuff thats important to us. Who are you to tell us, that our thoughts are stupid. Who are you to act cocky on our space? You want to be a dick, Write your own fucking blog. I know, i Know, freedom of expression. But if that applies to you mother fuckers, it applies to us too. You want to express your beliefs, your pathetic ideas, Join a haters club, or better yet, go to a medical facility. I am pretty sure, they have space for  you in the mental  ward. Actually, you don't even deserve to be in the mental, you deserve to be in hell. Thats where you came from. Thats where you'll go.

Your parents didn't teach you any manners. Thats why you are all up in our grills. Your parents probably don't even love you, they secretly hate you, hate your existence because your mother's birth control pills failed. Yeah, thats true. I said it. You were a mistake. That why you have so much hate in your heart. You  know, your existence is a fail, its actually a crappy existence. Why don't you just go kill yourself? Seriously, i am pretty sure, they'll allow suicide for your case.

I think i have said enough, the last thing i'll say to all you haters is that, if u try to just be appreciative and nice, If you just try to accept other people and their beliefs, Your parents and the people around you, might actually start liking you, really they might. So how about you give love a chance? Huh? How about you leave all the negativity you've built up inside of you and start being positive for once. Try it. It might even cure your deep seated daddy issues.

Okay. Bye.



  2. i must say, this was a bit harsh. haha.
    but i do agree that having haters sucks. i tend to not let what they say get to me, though. haters are only insanely jealous people who hate seeing others succeed and shizz.

  3. wow, this really was harsh. but you put your point across well. when i first started blogging, i only got mean comments and stuff. people putting me down for whatever i used to write about. i used to get upset but then i decided to be indifferent to anyone who was excessively mean for no apparent reason. i resolved to be polite and courteous and completely normal with 'haters', and soon enough, they all went away. now i have awesome blog-friends like you! :D ♥
    and i definitely agree with you when you say that your blog is your own space. :D

  4. Hi there, looks like you have got yourself a neat little award.

    Check it out:

  5. @ishashime, i usually dont care about what people say but i hate it when they attack my friends. thats why i wrote this. =)

    @Furree, i know it was a little harsh but i get really angry when people attack the people i care about. Plus, i really felt like i should say someethingg.

    @Agl, Thanks =) I'll do the whole process soon. I am a little busy these days. =)