Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A walk on the sands of our Homeland.

There was once a time, when millions fought together for their freedom, for a separate homeland, for Pakistan. It was a struggle that lasted many years and as a result, the Muslims of the subcontinent got their freedom, they got their homeland where they had rights and leaders of their own, leaders who were to lead them to a successfully running country, where children were all educated, where women had their liberty and men had pride in themselves and their country.

If, on this present day, someone is to read about the history of Pakistan, the views on it will differ. Some might cry, some may laugh, some might want to write about it, some may want to forget it all and then there will be those very few, who will be inspired. One might wonder what I mean by inspiration at this point, was I inspired by reading history? I was, but that inspiration came two years back and it went away, like when the waves touch your feet, you can feel the water for some time and then you walk away.

What inspired me actually was the current state of the country. Surprising, yes, it is. After the bomb blast in Islamic university in Islamabad, most schools and universities closed down in fear. After those few days of holidays, when schools reopened, I experienced a day full of discussions about terrorism and who is behind all these attacks, what will happen now and so on. What is funny is that, these discussions did not have much an effect on me; it was the difference in point of views. It is so amazing when u watch people fall in the hands of the enemy by just sharing a mere thought. Throughout the day, I heard different points of views on who is behind all of this. So it gave me an idea, the following few days, I talked to a variety of people and I asked them “Who do u think is behind these attacks and why do you think they are doing this?” and amazingly enough, most of them gave me an answer in complete contrast to each other. I realized at that point, if all of these people are asked to sit in one room and then share their opinions, it will result in chaos. They will scream, shout, and fight with each other to prove that they are right and the others are wrong.

Fights and chaos cause destabilization, which is what these terror attacks are meant for. Do you see now what I meant when I said “falling in the hands of the enemy by sharing a mere thought”?  What people need to understand is that blaming others won’t do any good, as there are no others to blame in this case. These people are from within our own country, they are amongst us and rather than catching them we blame those who may have nothing to do with this, and why? Because we are afraid of the reality, afraid of what might happen if they turn out to be people from amongst us. It’s easy to give in to a negative mentality and just blame the whole world for one’s own problems, what is difficult is to own up to them. So I ask; who are we? Are we afraid or are we fearless? Are we going to sit in our homes and blame others for mistakes of those amongst us or are we going to own up to them and Change?

At this point, many are afraid of leaving their homes, because they might get blown up, but did anyone stop to consider the shop keepers, the employees of hotels and restaurants, the junior staff of schools and universities. They did not even take a day off because they were scared. I asked the maid who is the girl’s bathroom attendant in my college, whether she enjoyed her holiday and her answer was “No, we even came on Sundays because we had cleaning to do”.

It is very easy to belittle something in front of you, to make fun off some place or someone but however it is rather difficult to accept one’s own mistakes and try to make a difference. I always wanted to make a difference, just did not know how to but now I know what I have to do, I am inspired; not afraid because I know that even though I might not breathe tomorrow, but, I did make a difference in the hearts of one or two.

Take a look at your country alone, don’t ask for anyone’s company, and just think why only us, there are many other Muslim countries in this world but why are we the centre of attention, why does anyone want to destroy only our homeland. Is it because we are fearless? Are they afraid of our potential, are they scared because we have acquired nuclear power? Are they afraid that just like once before, we all will stand together and fight for our freedom? Are they afraid of the strength of the Muslims? Yes, they are. We fought once before, we can fight again. We were fearless once before and no bomb blast, no armed man, no living soul on this planet can bring our homeland, our pride, our efforts down. It’s time to stand up once again and live up to the hopes and the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam and the millions who struggled with him. 

So when you walk on the sand of this homeland, look down at those who belittle it, be inspired by its beauty and those who fought for it and with pride say “ I Love Pakistan”.


  1. Hehe. I like the black rose petals caption. Funny stuff.

  2. its a nice post.
    however wat i fail to understand and wud like u to address is how do u make a change?
    wat does one person thinkin like dat do?

    n lemme be honest here.
    i hav a lot of regard fr patriotic thinkin n i dunno how its at ur end but if ur aware of indian politics, then ever since dis whole anna hazaare movement came about *guy fasting to pass a bill*, everyones been all...yea man...fight corruption man...we need change man....But as i see it d change is only in fb updates or social discussions cos d truth is, down the line we r pretty tied down and cant, dont kno or r too out of our comfort zone to do anythin xtraordinary!

  3. I love Pakistan too..
    Had a friend who visited my university for a month... we shared stories and realized we were almost same,..
    strange, we still are 'enemies'.. :)

  4. Good one, the real freedom fight should happen now. Unfortunately for Pakistan, it will continue to be a long fight for freedom from its own long formed narrow minded religious mentality. Everyone should identify themselves as Pakistanis first, muslims next...the other ethnic divisions would also have to take a backseat now.