Saturday, 26 March 2011

Why wont they let me post videos heree =(

Okay, so i have been trying and trying to post videos up here, and i constantly get this "your tag is broken" response. Its  really pissing me off and since i Don't know shit about computers, i can't do anything about it either.

Anyway, no worries, i have a very simple solution to this problem, but you guys will have to follow through, otherwise, there is no point in doing this. I am going to link two videos here. You guys have to watch them.

Okay so the first video is of Paul McDonald singing with Kendra on american idol's Hollywood week. Why am i making you watch this? Because i love Paul.

He is an amazing singer and and he is so Good looking. Just look at him man, isn't he like the sexiest guy ever? The way he sings, The way he moves. THE WAY HE DRESSES! I am completely and totally in love with him. Want to know something creepy and stalker type? I have decided to send him a fan mail. Yes, i am going to send a guy on American idol, FAN MAIL. I hope he reads it and i hope he falls in love with me after reading it and then we get married. Haha, I am just joking. No, all i want is for him to read it and to know that I ,Mariam Malik, wants him to win and that i love him and his voice. Anyway watch the video, fall in love with him too. Here is the link,

The second video is of this Airtel advertisement that i saw a few years back. It was the most inspiring advertisement that i have ever seen.

In the end it says, "One hundred thousand candles can end a war."
I believe in that, i really do think a hundred thousand candles can end a war, I don't know if you guys will agree. But, i believe in it and if you have any criticism for that, then i suggest you read the post below, Its called "start smiling for a change, bitch". Anyway, watch it, be inspired. Here is the link,

Okay. Bye.


  1. hi, visiting your blog for the first time and u write stright from the heart : ) guess what i did send a fan mail to paul when i saw him on american idol but i got no repliess back :( and i myself dont know how to post videos on my blog. great post by the way : )

  2. wow. i haven't really been following american idol but so far i like Casey but Paul seems like a good singer. he has this uniqueness in his voice. oh and that advertisement was beautiful. :)

    by the way, about the video thing, did you try to embed it using the embed code in youtube and pasting it in the "edit html" portion? because that's what i do and it works fine.

  3. @Kiran, Thanks. and oh that sucks. I am pretty sure he wont reply to mine either. Its okayyy.

    @Ishashime, i like caseyy but he needs to stop growling in all the songs. and Umm, i shall try that. Thanks =)