Monday, 16 January 2012


We all need change sometimes. There comes a point in our lives (In my case, it comes like after two-three months) where i feel as if i have been stuck in a rut, like a monotonous schedule of activities that just keep repeating themselves and i just stand there observing. I wont move my feet or my body, it'll just move itself. I wont be thinking about what i am doing, i just do it. Its like an involuntary action, like breathing, you know, it just happens. So how do i break out of the rut that i am in right now?

Its not just that, its like i know what i have to do to change things, to make things better, i am just either too lazy or too busy to do it. Of course the laziness is my fault, no one else is to blame for that one but how about the busy part? I mean i am 19 years old and one would say, exactly what are you busy with Maryam? and the answer is actually quite apparent. I have university and i have responsibilities at home, i feel as if i am supposed to take care of everything and since home always comes first to everything, i focus all my attention on getting stuff done in the house and by the time i get some space to breathe, its time for uni (I have evening classes). But is this what i am supposed to be doing at this age? What about enjoying life, what abou making memories? why do i feel married to my responsibilities? Is it because i was built this was or is it because i care too much? Am i a perfectionist? Am i way too concerned about how others perceive the way i handle things?

I mean i look around and all my friends are enjoying their lives. They dont have the kind of responsibilties that i do and its okay some people have it easier then the others or people have underlying issues or they hide stuff. i sometimes just come to the conclusion that i should just focus on studies and start my business(more on this one later) but i worry. What if that makes me a boring person? What if this is the things that kills me(i mean, emotionally) What if this is what makes me regret my life and to some extent resent my parents, its sort of their fault too, you know why i feel this way. Its not like they haven't given me enough, they have, but what if i want more?

Is it wrong for me to want more, to see how other people have things going for them and feel envious of their lives? Is it because of me or is it happening to me on purpose? Is this what has been written in my fate? So many questions, not many answers and for some weird reason i feel as if the answer lies in a dramatic change. So how do i bring about that change? I have a feeling its going to happen soon. I sometimes get these weird feelings about how life is about to change and it does change but i dont realise it.

I think i have written alot of crap down and it sort of makes me feel better, i guess writing can help alot. I really should start writing more blog posts. Anyway, i am out.



  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. GOOOD..
    But You did't reply me on your last post..! well reply me on dat then i will give breafly coment on Your This POst..!

  2. Change can be a necessity. Talk how you feel about your parents =)
    We cannot help but compare our lives sometimes, take a deep breath and ask yourself what are you really unhappy about? These moments happen. Good luck!

  3. Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo