Friday, 23 August 2013

Back from the dead? O.o

It's been a while. I have no idea why i stopped writing in the first place. It just happened, i got lazy. Yup, not even going to deny it. I just got lazy. So,What changed?Why am i here? I recently started writing letters to a friend. It made me realise how much I love writing and how much i missed it. I stopped writing the letters but i started feeling incomplete because it became a habit. Anyway, so I am back, for now :p

So. I wonder who's going to read this. Lets see. The point is not to attract attention, the point is to write, get my opinion out in the world. Those who are intrigued by it are always welcome to comment or criticise, though i hate criticism, but it's always welcome. I also need to improve my writing skills and my grammar so anyone with any helpful pointers or if you notice any mistakes, do point them out. I am here to learn. I am on the path to self improvement. It occured to me that I have lost a big part of myself over the last two years and for a long time i considered a few people who i could blame for it, but in the end, only I am to blame. I should be more focused and i should keep my priorities straight. It's actually the easiest thing in the world to just slack off and pretend like you have way too many problems, and for that reason you deserve a break from trying to make yourself a better and refined human being. The hard part is when  you realise you are deteriorating and you have to get off your behind and actually do something to fix it. Just a little helpful advice: Don't let yourself deteriorate. Dont settle for mediocrity. No matter what happens, don't ever pause the struggle for refinement. We are human beings. Our bodies will get weak, we will lose our memory and most of our brain functions. We will become invalids if we don't make a conscious effort for self improvement.

I suppose this post is good for a new foundation. I will try to write everyday. Hopefully, someone will read this one day. Don't be shy, let yourself be heard. Take care.


  1. Hello! Glad to see you back on Blogspot! It's great that you've decided to post on your blog more often. Everyone has room for improvement. You write quite well, and blogging more is a good idea. It helps open up the mind more.

  2. Hey! Good to see you posting once again! I think you're an amazing writer and posting something everyday is a great idea!

  3. Heyyy guyss.
    Thanks:D Appreciate the encouragement.
    Look out for my next post, it'll be up tomorrow.

    Take care.

  4. This is really good motivational stuff Maryam. Kinda helps alot. Keep up the good work :)