Thursday, 21 November 2013

For you.

One who doesn't understand your love, is incapable of understanding your pain.

I wrote this a few months ago, i had a feeling it might make sense sometime in the future. It finally does. This is for you. You have made me a bitter, withdrawn, and an incomplete human being. You have made me question my very existence, my purpose, my worth. You have made me feel like nothing i do will ever be good enough. It's funny, you were my best friend, you were supposed to protect me. You promised, you'll never let this happen and I believed you. I will never say this to you in person, call it my ego or whatever. I see you everyday, you seem happy and good for you but one day, i seriously hope one day, it hits you, that what you did was terrible. This goes out to you.

Was i crazy? Or was i just lonely?
How could i believe what you said.
I felt complete before you left.
Now i'm just a needle without a thread.
I've lost purpose, I've lost the light.
I've fallen apart, can't even put up a fight.
You'll move on, find the girl of your dreams.
I'll remain in the shadows, I wont even scream.
I might cry a little, but i wont die.
Death only comes to the living.
Tragedy only strikes those who fear it the most.
I was a desert and you were the apocalypse.
I remain a desert and you move on to your next hit.