This is me.

Okay, so my name is Maryam Malik. (I know this line is like a sedative to most of us, but my name is quite important if you're going to read my stuff). I am 18 years old. I live in karachi, Pakistan. (those of you who think Pakistani's are stupid or weird, Go away right now and this is for you
and for those of you who think pakistani's don't have computers, think again bitches!)
I am sorry, i am just a little possessive. Anyway, so i doing my A-levels right now! I'll be done in This june! After that i''ll be doing my LLB! One day, i am going to be the best lawyer on this planet. You must be thinking, "yeah, right and one day i am going to be the next Ian Somerhalder ", but seriously, i am really going to work hard for this and hopefully, it will happen. Its been my dream since i was in 8th grade.
Anyway, i am a very caring and understanding person. I am also very emotional and i get attached very easily (Wtf is this, a dating service). Haha, sorry! and Oh the most important thing, i get really angry, super fast! So if you have nothing good to say to me, you are welcome to leave.
I do want people to read this shit, because i have good plans for the future (as in, what i am going to write about). I might get emotional in some posts but its okay because its my blog, not yours okay! Not everything is rainbows and butterflies and sparkly vampires in the real world!
Anyway, more on this later. I am going to start studying now!